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Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Tulips are a beloved springtime flower, admired for their vibrant colors and elegant shapes.

Install Protective FencingWhy: Deer and rabbits find tulips delicious. – How: Install an 8-foot-tall fence or two 4-foot fences spaced 4 feet apart. This deters deer, as they can't jump both high and wide simultaneously.

Use Mesh to Deter Squirrels and MiceWhy: Squirrels and mice enjoy digging up and nibbling on tulip bulbs. – How: Lay wide wire mesh, like chicken wire, directly over the planting bed

Plant Deeply and Clean UpWhy: Planting deeper can enhance hardiness and deter pests. – How: Plant bulbs at least three times their height, covering them properly with soil.

Apply Mulch ProperlyWhy: Mulch conserves soil moisture and maintains soil temperature. – How: Wait until the ground is cold or frozen before applying mulch to avoid providing a cozy spot for critters.

Protect Tulip Bulbs in PotsWhy: Bulbs in pots are at risk of freezing. – How: Use freeze-proof pots and place them in protected areas

Plant in Well-Drained SoilWhy: Tulip bulbs need excellent drainage. – How: Add compost and coarse builder's sand to promote good drainage

Use Plant DeterrentsWhy: Certain plants emit odors that repel critters. – How: Interplant tulips with crown imperial, alliums, or daffodils

Try Repellents, But Don't Rely Solely on ThemWhy: Repellents can be effective but may wear off. – How: Use commercial repellents, or try folk remedies like hanging Irish Spring soap or sprinkling cayenne pepper.

Offer an Alternative DietWhy: Providing an alternative food source can divert critters' attention. – How: Hang peanut-filled boxes in nearby trees or consider

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