Positive Energy Plants That Attracts Good Energy

In today’s fast-paced world, finding solace and peace can be challenging. However, one way to create a serene environment is by incorporating positive energy plants into your living space. These plants not only add aesthetic value but also contribute to your mental and physical well-being. Let’s explore the top 15 positive energy plants that can fill your life with good vibes.


1. Snake Plant

Scientific Name: Sansevieria trifasciata Also Called: “The bedroom plant”

Snake plants have gained popularity as one of the most preferred indoor plants for positive energy. They not only absorb particulate matter and VOCs from the environment, creating a healthy atmosphere, but also emit cheerful vibes with their vibrant colors.

An Interesting Fact:

Snake plant was selected by NASA for a study on air purification and combating “sick building syndrome.”

Life Lesson:

Snake plants require low maintenance and thrive in tough conditions, symbolizing resilience in challenging times.

2. Peace Lily

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum Also Called: “White sail”

According to Feng Shui, the peace lily symbolizes tranquility and peace. It emits positive radiation, purifies the air, and reduces the chances of headaches, boosting your mental health.

An Interesting Fact:

The name “peace lily” comes from the Greek words “spath” meaning “spoon” and “phyl” meaning leaves, due to its spoon-shaped leaves.

Life Lesson:

The peace lily reminds us to be at peace with ourselves and those around us, inspiring calmness and positivity.

3. Cactus

Scientific Name: Cactaceae Also Called: “Desert cactus”

Despite common misconceptions, cactus plants are powerhouses of positive vibes. They aid in fighting off gloominess and anxiety, and absorb electromagnetic energy from electronic devices in your home.

An Interesting Fact:

Having a cactus plant in your work environment can increase productivity by up to 12%.

Life Lesson:

Cactus symbolizes growth in tough situations, inspiring resilience and perseverance.

4. Bamboo Plant

Scientific Name: Bambusoidaea

Bamboo plants symbolize purity and life, providing happiness and serenity. They bring harmony and prosperity, reminding us to never give up and always aim for better things in life.

An Interesting Fact:

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the planet and viewing it can bring physiological relaxation effects.

Life Lesson:

Bamboo inspires us to keep moving forward and grow, no matter the circumstances.

5. Chinese Money Plant

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus cinerea Also Called: “Silver Dollar”

This uncommon indoor plant improves the flow of positive energy in your home. Its unusual round-shaped leaves add an exotic element to your space and alleviate anxiety and stress.

An Interesting Fact:

Eucalyptus flowers have no petals and the plant is great for preventing malaria when kept indoors.

Life Lesson:

The Chinese money plant teaches us to live in the present and enjoy each moment.

6. Golden Pothos

Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

The golden pothos radiates positive vibes and cleanses negative ones. Simply touching its leaves can induce a feeling of peacefulness and calmness. It also helps relax the eyes when feeling irritated or congested.

7. Jade Plant

Scientific Name: Pilea peperomioides

This low-maintenance plant blooms delicate pink or pink flowers, uplifting your mood. It calms the environment and reduces stress levels, making it ideal for placement at the front or back door of your house.

8. Calatheas

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum

Calatheas’ colorful foliage makes them unique for decoration. They absorb negative vibes from the house, transform them into positive radiation, and spread them by opening their leaves.

9. Morning Glory

Scientific Name: Crassula ovata

Morning glory bears gorgeous flowers that bring peace and tranquility. Placing it under your pillow before sleeping can facilitate sound sleep.

10. Eucalyptus

Scientific Name: Calathea lutea

Eucalyptus plants drive negative energy from your house and promote economic welfare. They are perfect for bringing positive energy to the workplace, increasing productivity and focus.

11. Basil

Scientific Name: Ipomoea

Basil’s antioxidant properties clear negative energy and promote positivity in the house. It is also considered a prosperity charm.

12. Aloe Vera

Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum

Aloe vera absorbs negative vibes, promoting mental health. Its healing properties regulate mood swings and promote happiness.

13. Jasmine

Scientific Name: Jasminum

Jasmine promotes healthy relationships and strengthens bonds. Its fragrance soothes the mind and stimulates energy, enhancing positivity.

14. Rosemary

Scientific Name: Salvia rosmarinus

Rosemary uplifts mood, fights anxiety, improves memory, and brings inner peace. Placing it in a cool, brightly colored area maximizes its benefits.

15. Lavender

Scientific Name: Lavandula

Lavender promotes relaxation and happiness, improving communication at home. Placing it where its fragrance can be regularly enjoyed enhances its effects.

Integrating these positive energy plants into your living space can significantly impact your mental and physical well-being. Choose plants that resonate with you and create a harmonious environment that fosters positivity and tranquility.


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